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Once upon a time,

You were a cute little girl.

You didn’t even know what was a lie,

Until you came to a whole new world.


You would share your things,

With me and her.

But now you probably think,

Of those times as a blur.


Because I walked there,

But you pretended you didn’t see me.

And now you don’t even care,

And now I’m asking myself, “Who is she?”.


How did you become this person,

Who I never knew existed.

It’s like someone gave you poison,

Because now you never listen.


Like every BFF,

I said you were the best.

But now you’ve disappeared from me,

Like a mother losing her child in a dark forest.


If you take a look at that photo again,

You could see,

I never thought there would be an end,

Because there was you and me.


I thought you said,

You were my best friend.

But now I feel,

The beginning was the end.


Do you remember those times,

When you said everything would be the same.

When we laughed at the same time,

But now all you care about is your fame.


Now you and your popular friend,

Can turn to another page.

Because this poem has come to an end,

And I hope you know you’ve changed.




Why Don’t Teens Watch Disney Channel? Reply

Isn’t it ironic that the actors of disney channel shows are teenagers, but the audience of these shows is little kids? Isn’t it also ironic that teens love watching Disney movies such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story, films that have animated fishes and toys, but they don’t like watching Disney shows which star teens just like them? Disney Channel shows are not very different from other shows such as New Girl and Pretty Little Liars- all these shows are about similar things such as friendship, love, family, school, and more. So why is it that teens like to watch shows like New Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but not Disney Channel shows? Personally, I have been watching Disney Channel for my whole life, and I still watch it. Sure, I don’t have the same excitement and enthusiasm of watching these shows as when I was little, but I still do enjoy watching Disney Channel because I think the shows are really funny and relatable. I asked a few girls at Notre Dame about why they don’t watch Disney Channel anymore, and this is what they said:

Rebecca Zheng ’15: “I think the reason why teenagers don’t watch Disney Channel anymore is because we feel like we’ve outgrown these shows and the topics that they act out. But we still like watching these shows every now and then for nostalgic reasons. “

The first Disney Channel logo- created in 1983

The first Disney Channel logo- created in 1983

The second Disney Channel                      logo- created in 1997. The name     of the channel was changed     from The Disney Channel to									  simply Disney Channel.

The second Disney Channel logo- created in 1997. The name of the channel was changed from The Disney Channel to simply Disney Channel.

The Disney Channel logo that is used today

The Disney Channel logo that is used today

Amanda Reshke ’15: “I think a lot of people associate it with their childhood, so they see it as “kiddie”, but I ‘m sure a lot of teens watch Disney Channel and keep it a secret.”

Andrea Alessandra Bolivar ’14: “I think the main reason teens don’t watch Disney Channel is because they want to seem grown up. As teens, we feel that watching the same show as tweens and children makes us seem babyish and childish and we want to start watching the shows that older people watch. Also, the style of shows changes as the years progress, so the shows that appealed to us as 11 year olds won’t have the same basis as those that are shown when we’re 14. However, another reason why teenagers don’t watch Disney Channel could also just be that as we get older, we become more mature, so the things that seemed cool and funny to us as kids aren’t as appealing anymore.”

Although many feel that they are too old for Disney Channel, there are many shows that I am sure teens would love. These shows are similar to shows that are ‘more adultlike’ as they are about things that every teen goes through- friendship, love, hate, relationships, family, etc. These shows are funny and relatable. Here is a list of some shows:

Liv and Maddie:

Liv and Maddie fame and game

  "We have the same face, yet she's the cute one" - Maddie from the first episode of Liv    and Maddie

“We have the same face, yet she’s the cute one”
- Maddie from the first episode of Liv and Maddie

This show stars Dove Cameron, who plays the role of two characters- Liv and Maddie. The show is about two twins who are complete opposites- Liv is a famous actor who just finished acting in a popular television program called “Sing It Loud”, while Maddie is a tomboy who likes to play basketball. They have two brothers- Joey, a typical mischievous teen, and Parker, a young and clever boy. Liv and Maddie is an unforgettable show about what life would be like with a twin who’s the exact opposite as you. The show just aired recently, on July 19, 2013.


jessie cover photo           

The Penthouse

The Penthouse


Jessie premiered on Disney The PenthouseChannel on September 30, 2011

Jessie premiered on Disney The Penthouse Channel on September 30, 2011

What happens when you go all the way to New York to follow your dreams but then you end up becoming nanny? Jessie is a story about a Texas girl named Jessie who ends up as a nanny of four mischievous spoiled kids. All the kids in the family were adapted, except Emma. Emma is the oldest of the kids and she is girly and is into fashion. Luke is the mischievous tween. He likes to play pranks on everyone and he gets in trouble a lot. Ravi is a boy who just moved from India. He brought his giant lizard named Mrs. Kipling with him to America and many episodes feature this lizard. Zuri is an African girl who is probably the most creative of all the kids and she has imaginary friends.  Morgan and Christina Ross, the biological parents of Emma, are famous celebrities. Morgan is a famous movie director and Christina is a model and fashion designer. The family, along with Jessie and the clumsy, lazy butler, live in a penthouse. The show is being filmed at Hollywood Center Studios, the same place that Wizards of Waverly Place, another popular Disney show, was also filmed.

Austin and Ally:

The popular Disney Channel show, Austin and Ally, first aired on December 2, 2011

The popular Disney Channel show, Austin and Ally, first aired on December 4, 2011

austin and ally cover photo 2


She writes, he rocks! There’s no music without a team. That’s what Austin and Ally is all about! Austin and Ally aired on December 4, 2011 and the show is set in Miami. Austin is a singer and he loves to rock. He is mischievous sometimes and is somewhat childish. Ally is a shy songwriter. She is a great singer, but she has stage fright. Dez is a friend of Austin and Ally’s and he films Austin’s music videos. He is the comedian of the show. Trish is another friend of Austin and Ally’s and she is Austin’s manager. She is also a comedian in the show and she is known for losing her job a lot. In one of the episodes, she claims to have been fired more than 360 times. However, she takes her job as Austin’s manager very seriously. As of March 22, 2014, the most number of views that the show got was 5.7 million views and the least number of views was 2 million views.

3 Trends for Spring 2014 Reply

By Yasmeen Arami, 2015.

Usually when I realize March is approaching, I sigh knowing I will have to shed my comfy sweatpants and uggs soon. However, while searching through Elle magazine’s trend reports, I came across three must-have trends for Spring. These definitely have me excited for spring fashion!


Choir at NDB: A Consolidation of Voices Reply

By Ramya Ramamoorthy, 2015

Choir is one of the many and most popular electives offered at Notre Dame. In this class, students learn about the joy of singing, vocal techniques and musicianship. Choir is a class where students have fun and learn at the same time. It is a great way to make new friends and learn to sing at the same time.